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Interviewing Tips: “Why Are You Looking to Leave Your Current Job?"

When responding to the question "Why are you looking to leave your current job?" in a job interview, quants (such as Data Scientists, Statisticians, modelers, business analysts, etc.) should aim to provide a truthful, succinct, and factual answer that demonstrates their professionalism and alignment with the new opportunity. Here's a guideline on how to approach this question, along with examples of do's and don'ts:

Overall Rationale: Your response should emphasize positive reasons for seeking a new opportunity while avoiding negative comments about your current or previous employer. Focus on your career growth, skill development, and how the new position aligns with your professional goals.


1. Avoid Negative Comments: Refrain from criticizing your current or previous employer, colleagues, or work environment. Incorrect Example: "I'm leaving because my current company doesn't value my skills and stifles innovation."

2. Don't Focus Solely on Compensation: While compensation may be a factor, it's not the primary reason you're looking to leave. Avoid making it the central focus of your response. Incorrect Example: "I'm hoping to find a job that pays better than my current position."

3. Don't Discuss Personal Issues: Keep your response focused on professional reasons rather than personal issues. Incorrect Example: "I have some conflicts with my current manager, and that's why I want to leave."

4. Avoid Generic Responses: Tailor your response to the specific role and company you're interviewing with. Avoid using vague or generic statements. Incorrect Example: "I'm seeking new challenges and opportunities for growth."


1. Emphasize Career Growth: Highlight how the new role offers more opportunities for skill development, learning, and career advancement. Example: "I've enjoyed my time at my current job, but I'm looking for a role where I can take on more leadership responsibilities and contribute to larger projects. This position aligns perfectly with my career goals and offers the chance to work on cutting-edge analytics projects."

2. Interest in the Company: Mention why you're particularly interested in the company you're interviewing with, showcasing your research and enthusiasm. Example: "I've been following your company's innovative work in data science and analytics for some time now. Your commitment to leveraging data-driven insights to solve complex problems is something that really resonates with me."

3. Desire for New Challenges: Express your desire for new challenges and the opportunity to apply your skills in a different context. Example: "I've successfully tackled a wide range of data challenges in my current role, and I'm excited about the prospect of joining a new team where I can contribute my expertise to different projects and industries."

4. Positive Company Attributes: Mention positive aspects of the company or role that attract you. Example: "I'm drawn to this company's collaborative and innovative environment, which I believe will provide the ideal platform for me to further expand my skills and contribute meaningfully."

Remember, the key is to present a positive and forward-looking outlook while showcasing your enthusiasm for the new role and company. Your response should demonstrate how the new opportunity aligns with your career goals and professional aspirations.

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