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Overview: For over four decades, Analytic Recruiting has been an industry leader in both contingent and retained recruitment services. We specialize in filling permanent and contract roles that require candidates with strong quantitative, analytical or technical skills. Analytic works with clients worldwide filling AI, Data Science and Analytic based roles.

Specialties: We recruit across industries and business functions with the common thread that our candidates excel at applying analytical, quantitative and/or technological skills to business problem solving. These professionals analyze data, develop models, recommend strategies, and implement solutions & systems. We fill positions from senior executives to entry level in Artificial Intelligence, Marketing, Risk Management, Operations, Finance, Human Resources, etc. [Click Below]. 

 Our Areas of Expertise


  • Data Science, AI, Statistics & Econometrics

  • Consumer & Commercial Credit

  • Operations Research/Management Science

  • Capital Markets Risk Management

  • Business Analysis and Consulting

  • Financial Engineering & Quantitative Finance

  • Market Research/Insights

  • Financial Mgt, Services, Banking and Insurance

  • Digital Marketing & Analytics

  • Fixed Income Securities

  • Direct & Database Marketing

  • Equities & Corporate Finance

  • Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

  • Structured Investment Products

  • Information Technology 

  • Derivatives / FX / Commodities / Energy

Process: We work hand in hand with our clients to understand their unique requirements and are very deliberate in matching those needs with the candidates' education, skills, experience and career goals. We place high value on long-term relationships. We do all we can to be efficient throughout the recruiting process and adhere to all EEOC guidelines. Our recruiters strive to provide retainer based level of service at contingency based pricing.

Benefits: Because we are focused and experienced, our clients can count on our efforts:

  • To provide access to critical talent,
  • To reduce the time it takes to fill vacancies,
  • To free-up client companies' resources to concentrate on their primary business,
  • To ensure that compensation stays at fair market level,
  • To enable a smooth and satisfying negotiation process,
  • To increase staff stability by screening and presenting candidates with goals and preferences
    consistent with the company's culture.